Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Actor headshots for Sebastian Arcelus

Today I photographed Sebastian Arcelus for the third time. We first met in 2003, when he was performing in Rent. Since we last worked together in 2005, he has had a great run. Currently he is in Jersey Boys- before that Wicked, the Wicked National Tour, Good Vibrations and Happiness at Lincoln Center. Today he was on vocal rest- absolutely no talking. He communicated with his wife (actress Stephanie J. Block) with clicks and whistles (I actually heard a whistled phone conversation). Before the shoot, I told my makeup artist Pamela, "Just how you like them- good looking with nothing to say." We all had a great time, and I got to jabber non-stop, which is right in my comfort zone. Funny story- after we shot in 2005, Sebastian was so happy with the experience that he immediately bought me season 1 of Lost, which he insisted I watch in its entirety. "Amazing show," he said. "You have to see this- it's my thank you gift!" The only problem is, I HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT YET! Apparently the DVD has been with him, unopened, to every state he visited on tour. So today I was finally going to get the DVD (I've already seen the entire season, by the way). He opened his bag and... had forgotten to bring it with him. So apparently he's getting me a West Wing DVD instead, which I may be getting sometime in 2013 :)

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I'm writing on December 4th to post an official follow-up. Yesterday I received a package in the mail which contained DVDs for three seasons of Arrested Development, and two seasons of West Wing. Thank you Sebastian!