Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shooting nudes for Tyra Banks

Today was quite an adventure- I was a prize on the Tyra Banks Show. Maria, a lovely young woman who suffers from terrible anxiety about her body, was featured on today's episode. As a gift, Tyra gave her a photo session with me! The episode began with a Man on the Street segment featuring me interviewing women about their body images. Then I took Maria to a studio downtown where we shot some beautiful nudes. The experience gave her a new perspective on her body, and she left feeling much more beautiful and confident. A film crew taped the photo shoot, which they will air along with today's segment. An air date has not been set. Of course, I will announce it as soon as I know. The segment I taped for Tyra in October has yet to air, so I may be waiting awhile.

I have to give a big shout-out to my close friend: lighting designer extraordinaire Jeremy Saladyga. We had limited time to set up the shots, so his skills and experience were invaluable. When he wasn't designing light or art directing, he found time to take some shots of me as well (see above). If you want to see more of Jeremy's beautiful photography, click here.