Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Corporate Headshots

A special thanks to headshot photographer Trevor Oswalt for recommending me to the Brunswick Group for their corporate headshots. Trevor has photographed them for years, but recently he moved to Portland for a little of the good life on the west coast. I'm envious! The beautiful portraits he's taken for them over the years are hanging in the lobby, and it was my job to match his style. Trevor was generous enough to give me his lighting secrets, which I will take with me to the grave- oh, wait, I guess I gave it away in the photo above (taken by my assistant Federico Freda). Sorry Trevor.

The woman featured here is Lybra. She was the first of the executives to be photographed. Since I'm a Libra, I considered that to be a good omen. And indeed it was. They were a relaxed and fun group to work with. I understand why Trevor was reluctant to say goodbye to them. Which he hasn't, by the way. I'm keeping his seat warm until he returns to NYC.

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