Monday, December 13, 2010

"Will Jordan Matter please come to security immediately."

I shot topless women publicly for seven years for my book, Uncovered. I didn't think I could get in even more trouble for something as innocent as dance photography. Apparently I was mistaken. Though you can't tell from the photographs, I've been escorted out of many locations. Since I basically assume the answer will be no, I never ask.

This image took awhile to compose because I couldn't figure out how to include Elise Drew (a founding member of TAKE Dance Company) and the dinosaur in the same frame without her looking tiny. The guard had SEVERAL opportunities to kick us out of the museum.

Which she did.

But we kept coming back.

As I took this final image, the guard screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????" That was it. Luckily I got the shot.

Minsung Kim in Bryant Park

Really? You can't do a backflip in the park? Who knew. I hadn't gotten the shot, so I challenged the guard a little bit, which meant he had to call his superior, which meant we got three more shots! This was one of them.

Surprise, surprise. We got about 30 seconds, which is really about as long as Tenealle Farragher could hold the split anyway.

It's one thing to just get kicked out of a location. It's quite another to hear "Will Jordan Matter please come to security immediately."

They were really quick! Literally after about five jumps (by the talented Sara Bumgardner of Randy James Dance Works), two security guards descended on me. Why???? I still don't understand.

This was no surprise. The guards were really cool about it. Of the daily offenses they see in the bleachers, this was pretty mild. Still, I only got four shots.

I was certain we were going to be dragged out of there. No doubt in my mind. But... nothing, not a peep. And Michelle Fleet (of the Paul Taylor Dance Company) and I shot for a good ten minutes, which is an eternity in a deadly quiet room.