Monday, January 31, 2011

Dancers Among Us Dancing with a Snowman

Like most New Yorkers, I make fun of my friends who move to LA. "It's always warm." "Ha! You'll hate it - you'll miss the seasons and the snowy days." They've been gloating a lot this winter - this month was the snowiest January IN HISTORY. Literally. Did I mention that I shoot primarily outside, and that I was booked every day this month?

Here's how my days usually look (photo by Geoff Legg).

The day after the most recent blizzard last week, I worked with former Miss Hawaii Ashley Layfield on her actor headshots. Despite the circumstances, we had a terrific shoot - it was a great adventure.

Ashley also happens to be a dancer, currently performing with the NJ Nets. On my way to the studio I saw a few kids making a snowman in the park. So of course I had to combine these elements for Dancers Among Us. Despite freezing toes and slippery snow, Ashley gamely tried to improvise a hip-hop jump while giving the snowman arms. But it really looked like she was trying to stab him in the heart.

The kids had dressed up the other side of the snowman, but I liked this background better. So we did it ourselves, and tried another pose.

We weren't crazy about that one either. Then Ashley mentioned that she's, "a little flexible", and pulled her foot straight up to the sky. I love how understated dancers can be.

I loved it, but there was one little element missing, which I had to find. Fortunately I shoot in a small community, and most people have seen me around. So when I ran over to a random woman and asked to borrow her daughter for a photograph, she didn't blink.

Postscript- ten minutes after taking the final shot, the snowman met with a terrible fate. We turned around and he was gone.