Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Role Reversal for Dancers Among Us

Dancers Among Us will be released nationally on October 21, and this image by Samantha Siegel is the final photograph in the book. Samantha is my social media coordinator working with Design Brooklyn as well as a dancer and freelance photographer. She felt strongly that I should be featured dancing in the book, and she offered to take the photo. Given all the crazy things I asked dancers to do over the years, it was only fitting that when it came my turn to jump, the heavens opened up. I’m no dancer, so I channeled my college baseball days and pretended I was turning a double play at second base. I jumped twenty-one times in five minutes through the pouring rain, and that was more than enough to gain a deeper understanding of exactly how difficult the poses in this book are. The dancers make it look so effortless, and yet it is so, so difficult.

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