Friday, September 28, 2012

Dancers Among Us is TOO HOT for Facebook

On Monday I posted an image from my upcoming book, Dancers Among Us, that received quite a bit of attention on Facebook. It was viewed by 4,000 people, registered over 300 likes, and received a slew of enthusiastic comments and shares.

Unfortunately, this photograph was so shocking and outrageous that Facebook was forced to remove it from my wall. They had no choice- the world's delicate sensibilities had to be protected.

After much inward reflection and turmoil, I have decided to post the terrifying photograph here. A word of warning: Before scrolling down any further, make sure there are no children present- the shock might be too much for them.

And now, without further ado, I give to you the offending image-

This is Matthew Oaks in his apartment in Astoria, NY. Oddly enough, Matt tends to shower naked. In retrospect, I realize there was a much better way to shoot this image- a way that stays consistent with the Facebook version of life. 

Lesson learned.