Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Have a Huge MAN CRUSH on tWitch, but Allison Holker Got Him First

I arrived at the location early. Dance lifestyle channel DS2DIO and a full production crew would be there shortly, documenting my Dancers Among Us process with megastar couple and So You Think You Can Dance alum tWitch and Allison Holker. DS2DIO had arranged everything- bringing me to Los Angeles, selecting the dancers and choosing the locations. It promised to be an amazing day, except for one little thing…

This was the first location-

Soon everyone would be gathered, waiting for me to make magic. Allison and tWitch would expect a photograph befitting their talents and accomplishments. DS2DIO would be looking for some great footage. Yet I saw nothing of interest at this staircase. I didn’t know the area well enough to suggest an alternative; it had to be here.

As time dwindled and their arrival was imminent, I did what I always do when in a photo crisis- I looked to the light.

 Perhaps this had potential. I zoomed in closer and liked what I saw.

If I had seen these beautiful flowers ahead of time, I would have asked Allison to wear something that complimented the color. Then, as often happens, serendipity took over- she arrived wearing a perfectly matching skirt!

I fell for them immediately. They are a HOT couple, and I developed an immediate man crush on tWitch. Within five minutes I had his shirt off. All I could see when I looked at them was sexy, sexy, sexy. I knew the shot had to ooze sensuality. They were game for anything, and we started trying poses.

I was set on the dip, but after hundreds of shots Allison suggested something more intimate.

I’m so glad she did. An adjustment to her leg position and the image was complete. Fifty minutes and 583 photographs later, we got our shot!

We still had a little time, and I wasn’t in any hurry to let them go. I suggested we try a more guerrilla approach. When in doubt, head to the local coffee shop.

With just a few minutes remaining, I sprawled out in the middle of a busy intersection and took full advantage of tWitch’s amazing leaping ability.

After just two hours of shooting, I had three great shots! On Monday you can watch the film on DS2DIO’s YouTube channel. I’m looking forward to seeing it myself- Allison and tWitch were born to be in the movies.