Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Honoring the Heroes Who Save Lives

This photo, titled "Saving Lives", is featured in the WORKING chapter of Dancers Among Us.

My friend Kevin Ban is a doctor at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, and last year he got me access to their Emergency Department. Welcoming me with open arms were volunteers, nurses, residents and security personnel. I hoped to create an image that would honor their heroic work.

Fortunately, it was a slow night in the ER. I asked the staff for a triage room, a bunch of residents in scrubs, a heart monitor and a defibrillator. They made the room look completely authentic, down to the mess on the floor, the activity around the patient, and the placement of the defibrillators on his chest. 

"You want blood? There should be lots of blood on the floor!"

I drew the line at blood.

Jim Hennessey, a local photographer who was along for the ride, was kind enough to volunteer for heart failure. Duncan Lyle was a dancer with Boston Ballet who was about to move to American Ballet Theatre in New York City, so I allowed myself to dream- maybe he could do the impossible and jump high enough to seemingly levitate over the patient like a guardian angel.

Sometimes dreams come true.