Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alex Wong "Living" for Dancers Among Us

I can't get enough of dance superstar and So You Think You Can Dance alum Alex Wong, and that's why I've asked him to shoot with me AGAIN to capture a brand new Dancers Among Us shot.

Our first shoot was in an alley way outside of his apartment (check out my blog post "Mega-Star Alex Wong Trashes Dancers Among Us". This was his PRACTICE SHOT.

And then I asked him to put a shirt on, and throw some trash too.

That was a mistake. I asked him to take his shirt back off.

 "Trash Night"

Our second shoot was in his apartment. I grabbed this shot in seconds! It was truly as if he always drinks water this way.

"No Clean Glasses"

Both "Trash Night" and "No Clean Glasses" are featured in the Living chapter of my Dancers Among Us book, representing the true nature of my project of dancers doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. After Alex shared both of these images on his Instagram, a fan questioned, "I wonder how he flushes the toilet!" Good question. Let's find out!

Once Alex returns from LA, we're going to collaborate again to capture what I know will be an awesome shot. Do you have any suggestions on a new Dancers Among Us scenario? Comment on my Facebook page with your suggestion!

Just saying, a toilet-flushing shot might be hard to beat...