Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mad Men Among Us

Dancers Among Us is all about exaggerating reality to fantastical extremes. Usually I have to rely on my imagination, but when I decided to shoot a Mad Men inspired DAU photo this week, there was no shortage of visual inspiration.

Dancers Sara Antkowiak and Karl Maier perfectly inhabited the roles of Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Pete (Vincent Karthelser). Take a look at how reality becomes fantasy, which then becomes exaggerated fantasy.


(Vincent and Elisabeth)

(Sara and Karl)



A big thank you to Dancer Among Us Marcella Guarino and her fiancee, Greg Hymowitz, for allowing us access to Entrust Capital's stunning offices (and associates) in the Seagram Building. I could have looked for months and never found a more perfect location (by the way, that's not fake scotch in their glasses- only the best for the boys at Entrust!). 

Keeping with the Mad Men theme, I took another shot titled, "Office Romance," which explores what happens in this room once everyone leaves. You can expect to see it around Valentine's Day :)