Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I'm a Selfish Fu*ker

"Let's just take a few quick shots and see what we get."

Famous last words.

Dancer Marissa Quimby and I were caught driving in a rare and record-breaking Seattle blizzard. The roads were impossible to manage, so we pulled over next to this sign.

Given the way Marissa was dressed, the location seemed perfect for a Dancers Among Us photo, but what could she possibly do in these conditions? My hands were barely functioning after two minutes, so I couldn't imagine her legs were particularly warmed up. She looked frozen solid.

So I did what any purely selfish individual would do- I ignored her discomfort and suggested a standing leap! I asked Marissa to jump like she was running into the mission for safety from the cold. Her first jump mimicked her standing position.

Her crossed arms closed her off a bit, so she put her hands in the sweatshirt instead. Minutes later, the heavens opened up. After twenty-five jumps, we had our shot.

Here is the photo that ended up in the Dancers Among Us "Grieving" chapter, titled, "Out in the Cold":

Remember what I said about being selfish? Well, that charming little quality of mine was in full force. Though I had an amazing photo, and Marissa had escaped injury and frostbite, and we were both freezing and soaking wet, and my hands were barely working anymore, and it was almost impossible to focus through the snow, and the viewfinder kept steaming up, I said my favorite five words: 

"Let's try a few more."

Marissa did another 110 jumps. I believe she would have kept going, but my hands gave out before her legs did. Given the conditions, it's amazing how many shots I love. Two of my very favorite images came at the end:

This week I am offering a 16x20" print of "Out in the Cold" for $75, and all the proceeds will go to benefit K.I.D.S (Kids In Distressed Situations). Maybe I'm not completely selfish. 

To help warm a child this winter, purchase your print here: